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BENNETT - Vector Truck - 4.3, 5.0 or 6.0 Size (One Truck)
    BENNETT - Vector Truck - 4.3, 5.0 or 6.0 Size (One Truck)
    Purchase BENNETT - Vector Truck - 4.3, 5.0 or 6.0 Size (One Truck)
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      BENNETT - Vector Truck - 4.3, 5.0 or 6.0 Size (One Truck)

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    Bennett Vector Trucks - 4.3, 5.0 and 6.0 sizes - 100% Manufactured in the USA

    Continuing the 1970's legacy, the folks at Bennett have brought their iconic brand back to the market with the updated Vector ™ truck line. Sand-cast in the USA and built with the tall style bushings, Bennett trucks will turn on a dime and make surfing streets and carving banks a blast. Excellent choice for a turny ride - a favorite for Slalom, LDP and Classic Cruiser set ups.

    Specs: Choose from Silver or Black finish colorways in three stock sizes - hanger dimensions: 

    • 4.3 = 114mm (overall width 7" axle nut to axle nut)
    • 5.0 = 127mm (overall width 7 5/8" axle nut to axle nut)
    • 6.0 = 152mm (overall width 8 5/8" axle nut to axle nut) 

    Please specify choice of finish and size when ordering - subject to current stock availability.  

    Ships stock with clear red Bennett urethane bushings (92a). 

    Baseplate features both old school and new school mounting patterns. 

    Note bushing upgrades available below and our modified "Skennett" version in related items below. 

    Price listed is for one truck - all Bennett Trucks are sold individually.


    • Spherical Bearing: Modify standard hanger and install spherical bearing - bushings will come beveled
    • Aircraft Steel Kingpins: Replace standard kingpin with extra strong Aircraft standard kingpin bolt
    • Riptide Pivot Cup: Upgrade from stock truck pivot cup to premium cup by Riptide
    • Custom Bushings:  Choose from standard grade (Khiro & Tracker bushing stock) or premium grade (Riptide & Reflex stock) bushing overhaul - please note rider weight and intended discipline
    • Hanger Facing/Pivot Smoothing: Machine facing on hanger ends and pivot smoothing
    • Mounting Hardware: Conveniently choose to add a set of flathead hardware for one truck

    ABOUT BENNETT TRUCKS:  In 1975 Mr. Bennett made skateboard history with the introduction of the very first trucks made specifically for a skateboard. Known for their Big Red Rubbers ™, precision components and amazing turning ability, Bennett Truks ™ quickly became the choice of most professional and amateur skateboarders. Over the years many have copied Bennett's legendary designs and features, but none have ever been able to duplicate the feel or performance. Bennett is family-owned and based in Southern California. All Bennett and Alligator products are proudly made in U.S.A.

    Genuine Bennett Truks - Classic designs revisited 
    “Bennett Trucks turn on a dime.” Steve Olson 
    “Before there was Tracker, before there was Independent there was Bennett trucks. Bennett trucks were (and still are) some of the most responsive skateboard trucks EVER produced." David Hackett
    "Bennetts, they revolutionized it all, made quick turning, or just turning at all, a reality." Mofo
    "Whether you rode them back in the day or are going to try them for the first time, you will be stoked." Brian Bennett

    About Bennett/Alligator's classic roots --

    Bennett Interview - Concrete Wave Mag 2006 Greg Weaver on Bennett - Cover shot Skateboarder Mag Bennett/Alligator ad montage Bennett/Alligator - Tony Alva 1970's picBennett Hijacker ad 1970's Bennett Worlds Finest ad 1970's Richy Carrasco with Vintage Bennett/Alligator Complete 2013 Richy Carrasco with Vintage Bennett/Alligator Complete 2013


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