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Judi Oyama

Judi Oyama
    Judi Oyama

    JUDI OYAMA - Hometown - Santa Cruz, California

    About: Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, Judi Oyama is a pioneer in skateboarding. Rising through the ranks in the 1970s and 1980s, Oyama became a prominent female skateboarder, breaking new grown in downhill racing, vert and slalom competitions. As one of the few women competing in a predominantly male sport, she broke barriers and inspired a new generation of female skaters, cementing her legacy as a trailblazer in the sport. 2x Slalom Skateboard World Champion, N-Men Icon, Skateboard Hall of Fame 2018, Sports Hall of Fame Aptos High School.

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    Skateboard-Related Career Highlights: 

    Professional Slalom Skateboard Racing - Team Rider for Sk8Kings Skateboards, Turbo Wheels (early 2000's to present)

    2x Slalom Skateboard World Champion - Women's Division - 2015 Ashland, KY USA

    N-Men Icon Award

    Skateboard Hall of Fame 2018

    Sports Hall of Fame Aptos High School

    USA National Slalom Team 2022 (Qualified) - World Skate Games Argentina

    USA National Slalom Team 2024 (Qualified) - World Skate Games Italia