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Sk8Kings Skennett - Modified Bennett Truck - 104mm  (one truck)
    Sk8Kings Skennett - Modified Bennett Truck - 104mm  (one truck)
    Purchase Sk8Kings Skennett - Modified Bennett Truck - 104mm (one truck)
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      Sk8Kings Skennett - Modified Bennett Truck - 104mm (one truck)

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    "SKENNETT" - Front Turning Truck 104MM (Modified Bennett Truck)

    Customized Bennett Vector Trucks with turning performance in mind. The Skennett modified turns on a dime and will take your standard set up to a new level of quick turning performance. After a little nip & tuck mod to the hanger, complete bushing overhaul and pivot lube -- these babies are the bomb for your front turning truck. Mod'd hanger width is 104mm with machine-milled face finish. Overall axle nut to axle nut measurement is 177.8mm (using the top quality original Bennett 4.3 axles). Comes equipped with speed rings and customized bushing combo (selections from Khiro and Tracker bushings). Specify weight and intended discipline in notes section when ordering.

    Skennett Modification Features:
    • Machine-milled hanger modification - narrowed to 104mm and faced
    • Pivot overhaul - smooth truck pivot surface and lubricate cup
    • Bushing overhaul - upgrade bushing combo customized for specific rider
    • Hardware overhaul - upgrade to steel bushing flat washer, add 1/8" steel spacers to axles

    Note: This is not an offset truck and is specifically intended to perform as a super turny front truck. Makes a great matchup with the following rear truck solutions: our Skandal (mod'd Randal), Sk8Kings 2X Truck (offset), stock Randal or a conventional style truck (such as Tracker, Indy, etc.)

    Styles available: Silver finish or black subject to stock availability


    • Aircraft Steel Kingpins: Replace standard kingpin with extra strong Aircraft standard kingpin bolt
    • Riptide Pivot Cup: Upgrade from stock truck pivot cup to premium cup by Riptide
    • Premium Bushings:  Combos from premium grade Riptide and Reflex bushings
    • Mounting Hardware: Conveniently choose to add a set of flathead hardware for one truck

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