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Sk8Kings Skennett - Modified Bennett Truck - 104mm  (one truck)
    Sk8Kings Skennett - Modified Bennett Truck - 104mm  (one truck)
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      Sk8Kings Skennett - Modified Bennett Truck - 104mm (one truck)

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    "SKENNETT" - Front Turning Truck 104MM (Modified Bennett Truck)

    Customized Bennett Vector Trucks with turning performance in mind. The Skennett modified turns on a dime and will take your standard set up to a new level of quick turning performance. After a little nip & tuck mod to the hanger, complete bushing overhaul and pivot lube -- these babies are the bomb for your front turning truck. Mod'd hanger width is 104mm with machine-milled face finish. Overall axle nut to axle nut measurement is 177.8mm (using the top quality original Bennett 4.3 axles). 

    Skennett Modification Features:
    • Machine-milled hanger modification - narrowed to 104mm and faced
    • Pivot overhaul - smooth truck pivot surface and lubricate cup
    • Bushing overhaul - premium grade bushing combo customized for specific rider
    • Hardware overhaul - upgrade to steel bushing flat washer, add 1/8" steel spacers to axles

    Note: This is not an offset truck and is specifically intended to perform as a super turny front truck. Makes a great matchup with the following rear truck solutions: our Skandal (mod'd Randal), Sk8Kings 2X Truck (offset), stock Randal or a conventional style truck (such as Tracker, Indy, etc.)

    Styles available: Silver finish or black subject to stock availability


    • Spherical Bearing: Modify standard hanger and install spherical bearing - bushings will come beveled
    • Aircraft Steel Kingpins: Replace standard kingpin with extra strong Aircraft standard kingpin bolt
    • Riptide Pivot Cup: Upgrade from stock truck pivot cup to premium cup by Riptide
    • Backup Bushings:  Get a backup set of the premium bushing combo that will come installed in your truck
    • Mounting Hardware: Conveniently choose to add a set of flathead hardware for one truck

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