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Lynn Kramer

Lynn Kramer
    Lynn Kramer

    LYNN KRAMER - Hometown - San Diego, California

    About Lynn Kramer: Lynn Kramer from San Diego, California is an seventeen-time World Champion on the women's pro world racing circuit. Lynn has dominated the world of slalom racing in this modern era - surpassing every milestone previously set in the history of slalom racing. Lynn consistently leads the ISSA World Rankings each racing season. Along with Lynn’s impressive track record in racing she also is a founding director of La Costa Racing Team and as the head coach - runs a regular schedule of clinics & events in the San Diego region.

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    Lynn Kramer - Skateboard-Related Career Highlights: 

    Skating since 1985. Street, mini-ramp, ditches, vert, downhill, bowls, and slalom. Late-1980's - Ready to Shred Skateboard Club of UCSD, the Womens Skateboard Network and Volunteer for Exposure Skate

    Competed in the All Girl Skate Jam and World Cup Skateboarding in 2001

    Professional Slalom Skateboard Racing - Team Rider for Sk8kings Skateboards and Turbo Wheels (2002 - present)

    World Speed Record (22.43 sec) - 100 Cone Slalom - 2008

    17-Time Overall World Champion - Women

    • 2003 Morro Bay, CA USA
    • 2004 Morro Bay, CA USA
    • 2005 Morro Bay, CA USA
    • 2006 Brixlegg, Austria
    • 2007 Statesville, NC USA
    • 2008 Gothenburg, Sweden
    • 2009 Hood River, OR USA
    • 2010 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
    • 2011 Ottawa, Canada
    • 2013 Houston, TX USA
    • 2014 Policka, Czech Republic
    • 2016 Riga & Priekuli, Latvia
    • 2017 Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
    • 2018 Policka, Czech Republic
    • 2019 Winston-Salem, NC USA
    • 2022 WSG - San Juan, Argentina
    • 2023 Salem, OR USA

    USA National Slalom Team 2022 (Qualified) - World Skate Games Argentina

    USA National Slalom Team 2024 (Qualified) - World Skate Games Italia

    La Costa Racing Team (2004 to present) - Treasurer/Founding Director when incorporated 2019


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