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RipTide - Pivot Cups - WFB 96a (two cups)
    RipTide - Pivot Cups - WFB 96a (two cups)
    Purchase RipTide - Pivot Cups - WFB 96a (two cups)
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      RipTide - Pivot Cups - WFB 96a (two cups)

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    RipTide - Pivot Cup Replacements - 96a WFB Urethane

    RipTide's Pivots are designed for each truck and offer the smooth turning benefits of RipTide's exclusive internally lubricated WFB Urethane in 96a - in green or cracked ice (blue) depending on stock/availability. 

    Sold as Pair (2 cups) - Specifically designed for the truck specified - choose from list (we stock these) when ordering or specify the truck fit you need and we will order for you (please allow extra processing time).

    • Lively, responsive & durable
    • Hand-poured into custom-made molds, then the cup end is machined to fit the truck's base plate perfectly
    • No machining imperfections and no heat-affected zone in the super smooth pivot contact area
    • RipTide's exclusive Internally Lubricated WFB Urethane in 96a
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