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BENNETT - Alligator Wheels - 71mm (Two Wheels)
    BENNETT - Alligator Wheels - 71mm (Two Wheels)
    Purchase BENNETT - Alligator Wheels - 71mm (Two Wheels)
    • SKU: SKBEN201
      BENNETT - Alligator Wheels - 71mm (Two Wheels)

    • $23.99

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    Bennett Alligator Wheels - 71mm - four durometers (Pair of 2)

    Alligator wheels were first introduced in 1977 and at the time, were the most sought after new product. The modern Alligators feature a high performance "total memory formula" urethane. Alligators are designed with an offset bearing seat, precision core and a rounded outer lip for maximum grip.

    • Size/height - 71mm 
    • Contact Patch - 2.0" (50.8mm)

    • 78a translucent green
    • 79a solid orange (sold out)
    • 80a solid blue
    • 81a solid red

    Sold in pair of two wheels to allow mixing of durometers. Order quantity of two (4 wheels) for one skateboard.

    Add On Options:  Nitro bearings and 8 x 10mm bearing spacers can be added for additional charge at checkout. 

    ABOUT BENNETT TRUKS:  In 1975 Mr. Bennett made skateboard history with the introduction of the very first trucks made specifically for a skateboard. Known for their Big Red Rubbers ™, precision components and amazing turning ability, Bennett Truks ™ quickly became the choice of most professional and amateur skateboarders. Over the years many have copied Bennett's legendary designs and features, but none have ever been able to duplicate the feel or performance. Bennett is family-owned and based in Southern California. All Bennett and Alligator products are proudly made in U.S.A.

    Genuine Bennett Truks - Classic designs revisited 
    “Bennett Trucks turn on a dime.” Steve Olson 
    “Before there was Tracker, before there was Independent there was Bennett trucks. Bennett trucks were (and still are) some of the most responsive skateboard trucks EVER produced." David Hackett
    "Bennetts, they revolutionized it all, made quick turning, or just turning at all, a reality." Mofo
    "Whether you rode them back in the day or are going to try them for the first time, you will be stoked." Brian Bennett

    About Bennett/Alligator's classic roots --

    Bennett Interview - Concrete Wave Mag 2006 Greg Weaver on Bennett - Cover shot Skateboarder Mag Bennett/Alligator ad montage Bennett/Alligator - Tony Alva 1970's picBennett Hijacker ad 1970's Bennett Worlds Finest ad 1970's Richy Carrasco with Vintage Bennett/Alligator Complete 2013 Richy Carrasco with Vintage Bennett/Alligator Complete 2013



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