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Richy Carrasco

Richy Carrasco
    Richy Carrasco

    RICHY CARRASCO - Hometown - Garden Grove, California

    About Richy Carrasco: Former 1970's World Champion, 360 King and all-around '70's pro skater (Hobie, Pepsi, Powerflex, Flying Carrasco Bros) - Richy has been a top pro racer since the rebirth of slalom in 1999. Nicknamed the Brown Bomber - Richy is a multi-time US National and West Coast Champion, has a world speed record for 100 cone clean and countless victories over his 25-plus years in racing. Always a tenacious competitor, Richy is consistently on the pro podium and has been continually ranked in the Pro Top 10-20 in the ISSA World Rankings to this day.

    Richy is a co-founder of Sk8Kings Skateboards, the innovator/designer of the Axe series decks, 2X trucks and Turbo wheels and is the team captain/coach "The General" for the Sk8Kings Axe Army Racing team. Richy - we couldn't do it without you - the Axe Army Salutes You!

    Richy Carrasco - Skateboard-Related Career Highlights: 

    Professional Skateboarder - 1975 - 1980 (Hobie, Pepsi, Powerflex) 

    World Champion Freestyle/360's - 1978

    Guinness World Record Holder - Continuous 360's 1978 (35 1/2 spins) and 2001 (142 spins)

    Professional Slalom Skateboard Racing - 1999 - present  (Sk8Kings Skateboards, Turbo Wheels, Oust, Riptide, Khiro, S-One, Radikal, Pocket Pistol Skates till 2004)

    World Speed Record - 100 Cone Slalom - 2008

    Co-founder - Sk8Kings Skateboard Distribution since 1998

    USA National Slalom Team 2022 (Qualified) - World Skate Games Argentina

    World Skate Games 2022 Argentina - Event Production Crew - World Skate Slalom

    USA National Slalom Team 2024 (Qualified) - World Skate Games Italia


    Richy Carrasco Pro Slalom Brown Bomber Model

    Richy Carrasco Pro Freestyle El Hummungo Model