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Sk8Kings - Custom Bushing Combo Upgrade  (for one truck)
    Sk8Kings - Custom Bushing Combo Upgrade  (for one truck)
    Purchase Sk8Kings - Custom Bushing Combo Upgrade (for one truck)
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      Sk8Kings - Custom Bushing Combo Upgrade (for one truck)

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    SK8KINGS Custom Bushing Combos - one combo for one truck

    Bushings are a crucial element in the performance of your trucks. A bushing overhaul is one of the most economical ways to improve your existing setup. We've done the testing and experimenting to find out what combinations work best for different trucks and applications. Now you can cut to the chase - save time & money but get max improvement. Our Custom Bushing Combos mix and match top and bottom bushings of different durometers, sizes and configurations to get just the right blend to suit your weight and application. We can custom configure a combo just for you and all you have to do is provide us with some details. This is especially valuable for slalom racing, LDP setups or for carving/cruising but is very useful for freestyle and street skating as well.

    HOW TO ORDER: Choose from the options - Slalom, LDP, Freestyle, Street or Other when placing your order and then provide your weight and details of your set-up - ie specific truck (brand and size), type of board, and any other specifics about usage in the NOTES section for this item - for a custom fit.  If you have a truck not listed - please measure the existing bushings and let us know so we can accurately choose for you.  Or if you prefer to decide for yourself, just let us know what top and what bottom you want and we'll put them together as a set. Our Premium Custom Combos featuring bushing choices primarily from Riptide but sometimes Reflex or Venom - depending on stock available. These combos can be further upgraded with our bevel/trim procedure to fit spherical bearing trucks such as Sk8Kings 2X, Radikal, Don't Trip, etc. Choose these upgrade options at checkout if desired.  Note - We typically will spec softer bushings for a front truck for turning and stiffer bushings for a back truck for stability.  If you want something other than that - please specify in the notes.  

    Notes - If you receive a cone and a barrel for a front truck - the cone should be placed roadside and if there is a flat washer included - that is intended for the top of the roadside bushing.  The majority of combos are chosen from the fine bushing line by Riptide - so please refer to the color/duro chart in images above for questions about duros received.  

    Sold as a set - (1) top and (1) bottom bushing - enough for one truck

    OPTIONAL UPGRADES - choose before adding to your cart: 

    • Riptide Pivot Cup: Upgrade your pivot cup to a high-performance/long-lasting premium pivot cup by Riptide
    • Mounting Hardware: add a set of flathead mounting hardware for your truck
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