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    KHIRO BARREL BUSHINGS (for one truck)
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    • SKU: SKKRO202
      KHIRO BARREL BUSHINGS (for one truck)

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    Khiro - Barrel Bushings- For One Truck

    Khiro barrel bushing set - one small cone and one barrel per pair.  Enough for one truck - top and bottom.  Giving you the smoothest ride, fast rebound, quick action bushing you've asked for.


    cone height = .25"

    barrel height = .50"

    Original Durometers (Subject to current availability):

    White X-Soft (73a)

    Orange (79a)

    Blue Soft (85a)

    Red Med-Soft (90a)

    Yellow Med-Hard (92a)

    Black Hard (95a)

    Purple (98a)

    Sold in set of two bushings -- (top and bottom) enough for one truck. 

    About Khiro: Khiro Products - engineered and manufactured in Southern California of the highest quality materials. Khiro bushings will make your trucks more responsive, turn better, and have faster rebound with exceptional durability. Khiro bushings come in different durometers and configurations for all types of skateboarding, such as street, banks, bowls, rails, gaps, transition, big vert, pipes, slalom, downhill, and or wherever your board takes you.

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