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Sk8Kings Collector Deck - Chris Yandall Skate Legend Deck - SHOF 2021 (35 x 9.75)
    Sk8Kings Collector Deck - Chris Yandall Skate Legend Deck - SHOF 2021 (35 x 9.75)
    Purchase Sk8Kings Collector Deck - Chris Yandall Skate Legend Deck - SHOF 2021 (35 x 9.75)
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      Sk8Kings Collector Deck - Chris Yandall Skate Legend Deck - SHOF 2021 (35 x 9.75)

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    Limited Edition Collector Item - Chris Yandall Skate Legend Deck - In honor of his induction into the SHOF 2021

    Honoring the memory of our dear friend and team rider Chris Yandall (1954-2014) - Sk8Kings has issued this limited edition collector graphic deck to commemorate his induction into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame 2021.  Originally released with Sk8Kings in 2008 - this signature model was designed by 70’s World Champion and modern day Father of Skog (switch pushing) and distance skateboarding - Chris Yandall. Perfectly sized at 35" x 9 ¾” and made from Canadian hard rock maple - this deck features wheel wells all around and a super comfortable flat wide platform ideal for skogging and cruising boardwalks, bike paths, parking garages and all sorts of terrain. The flat design promotes stability when alternating pushing foot and occassionally pumping switch stance. This also allows the long distance rider to build more symmetry in both left and right side leg and back muscles for an all around balanced workout. With the flat design - the Yandall is a great choice for long distance pushing - with plenty of forgiving real estate for your foot to land back on.  At the very least it can be one of the most fun longboards you will ever ride. Not only will this board take you everywhere - but you can take it everywhere too - sized at 35" - it will fit in most standard size skate bags.

    Deck Specs and Features: 
    • Overall dimensions: 35" x 9.75" with 23.25" WB. 
    • Flat non-cambered 8-ply hard rock maple construction in stiff flex - great for skogging, pushing, dancing, cruising
    • Hand-crafted entirely in Southern California USA
    • Limited Edition Graphic celebrates the legend that was Chris Yandall with a nod to his original model's Samoan Warrior Tattoo and Yandall Yellow/Sunset Orange gradient colorway
    Upgrade Options:
    • The Works - Want to bolt your trucks on and go? Comes with wedging/riser combos & mounting hardware (for both trucks) installed and gripped with our black med hardcore grip tape. Be sure to note what trucks / wheels you intend to mount so we can dial the wedging to fit 
    • Grip Tape Only - Comes gripped with black medium hardcore grip tape (no wedging/mount hardware)
    • Custom Stripe Grip Tape Only - Choose from diagonal stripe patterns: Glow-in-the-Dark with Black, Red and Black, Yellow and Black or Camo and Black
    • Center Line Grip Tape Only - Choose from center line stripe colorways:  Glow-in-the-Dark, Red, or Camo - center line color strip runs from nose to tail with black grip on each side
    • Stripe or Center Line Grip AND The Works - You want it all - you can have it.  Comes with your choice of special grip tape (stripe or center line) AND wedging/risers with mount hardware
    • Complete Build - We build it custom for you - comes dialed and ready to ride out of the box. See complete option below
    COMPLETES ALSO AVAILABLE: Order your Chris Yandall Legend Deck ready to ride out of the box. Setup notes from Chris Yandall: I like a lot of turn up front and stability in the back which is what my board off the sales shelf does. Any board that can at least do that rocks in my skogging world. I need room to place both feet on the board. Any more than that is extraneous! 

    About Chris Yandall:  Born in November 1954, Chris Yandall first made his mark as a pro skater in the 1970's claiming a World Champion title in slalom, innovating signature moves like the Samoan Squat and pioneering gear innovations like the invention of the Rad Pad - the first angled wedge riser!  Never losing his stoke for skateboarding - Chris joined our Sk8Kings Family in 2008 - and the release of his signature Skog model soon followed. A true yet humble skate legend who was always up for having fun on four wheels - Chris left us too soon in April 2014.  In 2021 - Chris Yandall was officially inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.  Always in our hearts - Chris Yandall Sk8Kings Salutes You!

    Take a look at these videos for more on Skogging (skateboarding and jogging) the style innovated by Chris Yandall.




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