Joe McLaren Domenica Pro Model - Slalom Skateboard Deck by Sk8Kings
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Sk8Kings Slalom Deck - Joe McLaren Domenica Pro - Axe Fiberglass HP Racing Series
    Sk8Kings Slalom Deck - Joe McLaren Domenica Pro - Axe Fiberglass HP Racing Series
    Purchase Sk8Kings Slalom Deck - Joe McLaren Domenica Pro - Axe Fiberglass HP Racing Series
      Sk8Kings Slalom Deck - Joe McLaren Domenica Pro - Axe Fiberglass HP Racing Series

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    Axe Fiberglass High-Performance Racing Series - Joe McLaren Domenica World Champion Pro Model - Slalom Skateboard Deck

    Designed by Joe "The Beast" McLaren - multi-time and reigning Pro Slalom World Champion. On this board design - Joe has made history ruling the pro division each season and set the 100-cone world record in 2016 @ 19.38 seconds! This deck is your #1 choice for slalom racing, freeriding, long distance pumping - and can also be set up as a street cruiser by moving the rear truck to the functional kicktail position and adding a tail skid plate. The Joe McLaren model is a wider tail mid-sized deck for driving at speed and is ideal for all disciplines of slalom - tight to giant!

    Deck Specs and Features:  

    • Overall dimensions: 32" x 8 5/8" - Dual WB:21 1/4" & 22 1/4"; plus functional kicktail rear bonus mount
    • High-Performance Fiberglass Maple Composite Construction: Hard rock maple laminates with two inner fiberglass lams- for light weight, performance drive and durability
    • Non-cambered race ready molded concave for perfect foot placement - NOW in two mold choices - Axe Standard or Maximus Concave
    • Revolutionary Torsion Tail concept - rear truck mounted in the kicktail angle - a natural tail kick foot wedge (we introduced this concept in 2003 - changing slalom deck design from then on)
    • Wheel wells for tight turning clearance on multi-wheelbase options for max versatility
    • Pre-drilled multiple truck mounts - nose and tail - to shorten or lengthen your wheelbase
    • Functional Kick Tail rear mount truck with skid plate to fit option available
    • Domenica Art Graphic - featuring signature art by Joe McLaren himself
    • Manufactured in small batches in So Cal USA
    • Axe Series Decks have been winning World Championships since 2004
    • Decks sold separately or as customized completes

    Upgrade Options:

    • The Works - Want to bolt your trucks on and go? Comes with wedging/riser combos & mounting hardware (for both trucks) installed and gripped with our black med hardcore grip tape. Be sure to note what trucks / wheels you intend to mount so we can dial the wedging to fit 
    • Grip Tape Only - Comes gripped with black medium hardcore grip tape (no wedging/mount hardware)
    • Custom Stripe Grip Tape Only - Choose from diagonal stripe patterns: Glow-in-the-Dark with Black, Red and Black, Yellow and Black or Camo and Black
    • Center Line Grip Tape Only - Choose from center line stripe colorways:  Glow-in-the-Dark, Red, or Camo - center line color strip runs from nose to tail with black grip on each side
    • Stripe or Center Line Grip AND The Works - You want it all - you can have it.  Comes with your choice of special grip tape (stripe or center line) AND wedging/risers with mount hardware
    • Tail Skid Plate - For functional kick tail setup only
    • Logo Tee/Hoodie/Hat - Save $5 on a logo T-shirt, Hoodie or Hat when ordered with a deck or complete. Choose the item to add and indicate logo choice and size in the notes section when ordering - subject to availability.
    • Complete Build - We build it custom for you - comes dialed and ready to ride out of the box. See complete option below.

    About Joe McLaren: Joe McLaren from Colorado is an eight-time World Champion on the men's pro world racing circuit. 
    Joe has maintained an impressive momentum in race wins each season - surpassing every milestone previously set in the history of slalom racing. 
    Joe consistently leads the ISSA World Rankings each racing season.  ISSA World Rankings ISSA official stats
    Joe Mac - the Axe Army Salutes You! 

    Joe McLaren Team Profile

    About the McLaren Domenica graphic: I first started making artwork at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the extra time on my 
    hands during quarantine - and at the same time, not being able to skate because of my back injury - I was struggling to find something to express 
    my creativity and that's ultimately what drove me to make art. I am very honored to have another pro model board with Sk8kings, especially one 
    displaying my own artwork. I haven’t shared my artwork much with the world - so I guess you can call this my "art debut". 
    The name of this piece is “DOMENICA”. The original was done on canvas with acrylic paint. - Joe McLaren

    Check out the video of Joe setting the new 100 cone world record in 2016 and his former record from 2011 - both records set while riding his McLaren Pro Model.


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