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SK8Kings LDP/Longboard Deck - Blaster - Axe Ultimate Carbon Fiber Series
    SK8Kings LDP/Longboard Deck - Blaster - Axe Ultimate Carbon Fiber Series
    Purchase SK8Kings LDP/Longboard Deck - Blaster - Axe Ultimate Carbon Fiber Series
      SK8Kings LDP/Longboard Deck - Blaster - Axe Ultimate Carbon Fiber Series

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    Axe Ultimate Series Longboard - Blaster - Carbon Fiber Composite Deck - LDP Distance, Ditch, Cruising

    Blaster Longboard by Sk8Kings! Featuring our carbon fiber sandwich construction - carbon fiber composite layers top and bottom with micro-lam hard rock maple cores - for speed generating response and road absorbing feel. Perfect construction for pumping and accelerating efficiency through the miles - with a kicktail too! Blaster can be used to rip up many terrains - from the boardwalk to bombing garages and killing the ditches too. The deck is sized at 41" x 9.5” and features front wheel wells and multiple pre-drilled wheelbase options for max versatility. The Blaster is an awesome all-around functional solution. Special Thanks to James Peters for initially inspiring this project!

     Blaster Carbon Fiber Longboard at Sk8Kings.com


    • Carbon fiber top/bottom with micro-lam maple cores
    • Concave and kick tail design
    • Functional or Torsion rear truck tail mount options 
    • Dual front wheel wells
    • Two Flex Patterns - Medium or Stiff
    • Decks sold separately or as customized completes
    • Overall dimensions: 41" x 9.5"
    • Multi-Wheelbase: 27/28/31.5/32.5"
    • Master Blaster graphic in our latest red on black colorway


     Blaster Carbon Fiber Longboard torsion tail option at Sk8Kings.com

    TORSION TAIL OPTION = mount in the kicktail for more flex and traction (use drill pattern in the kick tail angle) to set Blaster up just like our Axe Series racing decks. We introduced this concept in 2003 - changing slalom deck design from then on - and it is and excellent feature for pumping in general. 

    Torsion Tail Wheelbases are 31.5 or 32.5" 

    Note: If you order the Torsion Tail Setup and a skid plate add on option -- the skid plate will come a la carte but deck will be drilled for skid plate mounting holes. EXTRA RISERS/MOUNTING HARDWARE-REAR TRUCK MOVE - Extra riser & mount hardware bundle is offered to move the rear truck to the Functional Kicktail Setup at your leisure. Choose option at checkout.

     Blaster Carbon Fiber Longboard functional kicktail with skid plate option at Sk8Kings.com

    FUNCTIONAL KICKTAIL OPTION WITH SKID PLATE = mount before the kicktail (use the pre-drilled truck mount in front of the kick) for a stiffer performance flex and ability to pop the front end up over road obstacles in your path (railroad tracks, curbs, potholes, etc). King Plate IV (skid plate) recommended to protect your Blaster tail. 

    Functional KickTail Wheelbases are 27 or 28"

    Upgrade Options:

    • The Works - Want to bolt your trucks on and go? Comes with wedging/riser combos & mounting hardware (for both trucks) installed and gripped with our black med hardcore grip tape. Be sure to note what trucks / wheels you intend to mount so we can dial the wedging to fit 
    • Grip Tape Only - Comes gripped with black medium hardcore grip tape (no wedging/mount hardware)
    • Custom Stripe Grip Tape Only - Choose from diagonal stripe patterns: Glow-in-the-Dark with Black, Red and Black, Yellow and Black or Camo and Black
    • Center Line Grip Tape Only - Choose from center line stripe colorways:  Glow-in-the-Dark, Red, or Camo - center line color strip runs from nose to tail with black grip on each side
    • Stripe or Center Line Grip AND The Works - You want it all - you can have it.  Comes with your choice of special grip tape (stripe or center line) AND wedging/risers with mount hardware
    • Tail Skid Plate - For functional kick tail setup only
    • Logo Tee/Hoodie/Hat - Save $5 on a logo T-shirt, Hoodie or Hat when ordered with a deck or complete. Choose the item to add and indicate logo choice and size in the notes section when ordering - subject to availability.
    • Complete Build - We build it custom for you - whether it's for distance, ditch riding, carving, etc.  Arrives dialed and ready to ride out of the box.  See our "Completes" category for standard and upgrade options or contact us via phone or e-mail for something special. 

    Custom Glow-In-The-Dark Center Stripe grip tape option @ Sk8Kings.com

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