Turbo White Lightning 75mm Wheels by Sk8Kings
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Sk8Kings - Turbo Wheels - Composite Core 75mm / WL Formula - 79a, 82a & 85a (Two Wheels)
    Sk8Kings - Turbo Wheels - Composite Core 75mm / WL Formula - 79a, 82a & 85a (Two Wheels)
    Purchase Sk8Kings - Turbo Wheels - Composite Core 75mm / WL Formula - 79a, 82a & 85a (Two Wheels)
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      Sk8Kings - Turbo Wheels - Composite Core 75mm / WL Formula - 79a, 82a & 85a (Two Wheels)

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    Turbo Wheels - Composite Glass Core 75mm / WL Formula - 79a, 82a & 85a - Sold in pair of two wheels to allow duro mixing

    First debuting in 2013, our Turbo Wheels have been THE wheel of choice for our World Champion Sk8Kings racing team. Offering traction, speed and predictable slide control - Turbos have helped our team riders to the podium in races worldwide ever since! 

    Our Turbo White Lightning Series - introduces our fastest, grippiest urethane formula yet!  This new all white wheel comes in three durometers with color-coded composite glass cores - bright green 79a, violet 82a and steel 85a.  The superior material blend of the composite glass hub results in a very solid bearing seat and promotes superior wheel alignment through critical turns.

    Turbo Wheel Specs: 

    • 75mm / 58mm contact patch
    • White Lightning (WL) Urethane Formula
    • Composite glass hub - color-coded for wheel durometer
    • Offset inner with road gripping lips
    • Turbo Mag screened graphic in metallic gold
    • Three Durometers - 79a (bright green core), 82a (violet core) and 85a (steel core)
    • Sold in pairs (2 wheels) for your durometer mixing convenience

    Our Turbo Wheels are an excellent choice for all racing disciplines as well as Turbo-charging your favorite ride. Our motto is "If you're grippin - you're rippin!" The Turbo Wheel line includes 70mm/75mm sizes Composite Core AND Aluminum Core versions. Turbo Wheels - like all Sk8Kings skateboard gear - are made right here in Southern California - USA Proud!

    Bearing Recommendations: Turbo Composite Core Wheels are designed to work with traditional 8mm sized bearings. We recommend using high quality bearings (such as Oust Moc 5, 7 or 9) with steel bearing spacers (8mm x 10mm) for best performance. Be sure to carefully align bearings and press in straight.

    Turbo Composite Core Wheels / Stock Completes: Turbo Composite Core Wheels (70mm) come stock (subject to availability) on all Sk8Kings Axe Series, Blaster and Mini-Shredder Completes -- Woody or Ultimate! Turbo Aluminum Core Wheels are an available upgrade for our complete builds.


    Turbo Aluminum Core Wheels debuted in 2013 - taking the Sk8Kings team to the top of the podium in every major race since!

    These wheels are by far the best wheels I've ever ridden. Insane grip, super fast speed, and a really smooth ride. Grip way better than wheels with much softer duros but with the speed of much harder duros. This urethane and core combination is truly next level. -- Joe McLaren


    World Champion Joe McLaren rides Turbo Wheels - Sk8Kings.com

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