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      TRACKER TRUCKS - CLASSIC MIDTRACK 85mm (one truck)

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    Tracker MidTrack Truck 85mm / Classic 4-hole Baseplate (one truck)

    Perfect choice for restoring an old school style cruiser setup these Classic MidTracks were originally re-issued for the Lords Of Dogtown Movie. MidTrack hangers are cast from the original molds and feature Tracker's second generation, Gnarly style” pivot. The baseplates, also cast from the original molds feature the old school, 4-hole pattern.  Classic MidTracks come standard with the original barrel style lower bushing and a traditional tall conical top bushing.

    FOR OLD SCHOOL CRUISERS AND SLALOM SETUPS:  The 85 mm MidTrack size is favorite for old school cruising style setups as well as retro uber-tight slalom setups.

    FOR FREESTYLE/360'S:  For optimal 360 spinning set-up -- offers a tight spinning radius when used for the rear truck with 360 spinning wheels too.  This narrow width truck is also suitable for some old school freestyle setups.

    Specs: MidTrack 85 mm hanger size; polished finish with factory stock bushings; Classic 4-hole baseplate. Tracker uses 356 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, 4140 Chromoly steel axles and grade 8 kingpins in all of their trucks. 

    One truck -- sold separately.


    • Custom Bushings:  Choose from standard grade (Khiro & Tracker bushing stock) or premium grade (Riptide & Reflex stock) bushing overhaul - please note rider weight and intended discipline
    • Mounting Hardware: Conveniently choose to add a set of flathead hardware for one truck

    ABOUT TRACKER TRUCKS:  Tracker Skateboard Trucks - founded in 1975 - were the first trucks designed specifically for skateboarding. More than twenty five years ago the Tracker engineers based their original design on performance, reliability, and durability. Today those three words continue to be the driving force of Tracker Trucks. Over the years, the original Tracker design has been copied by our competitors many times. Renamed and re-packaged, they all fall short in comparison to today's legendary Tracker Skateboard Truck. If dependability, performance and a long standing reputation for quality products is what you want, go with Tracker...trucks you can trust since 1975. (Courtesy Tracker Trucks web site). Tracker headquarters located in Southern California.

    Video -- Tracker Truck Manufacturing narrated by Tracker founder Larry Balma

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