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2X TRUCK SINGLE - Adjusts for front or rear (one truck)
    2X TRUCK SINGLE - Adjusts for front or rear (one truck)
    Purchase 2X TRUCK SINGLE - Adjusts for front or rear (one truck)
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      2X TRUCK SINGLE - Adjusts for front or rear (one truck)

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    Sk8Kings 2X Truck (One Truck) - Slalom, LDP and more

    The Sk8Kings 2X - is an excellent performance truck - that works double-time. With this super versatile truck solution - the hanger works for either front or back by moving the axle location (double-tapped) and pairing with the appropriate degree baseplate. The 2X hanger features a spherical bearing, post pivot (to mate with spherical bearing in baseplate), and comes outfitted with screw-in extra long 8mm axles (easily changed or replaced). Designed with Randal-compatible geometry the 2X hanger mates with various degree baseplates to suit specific riding purposes. The axle system offers .25" shoulder size for a hanger width of 4" minimum. Course thread screw in style design offers easy replacement as needed and a generous 1 5/8" axle shaft for plenty of wheel spacing versatility with the included axle spacers. Axle shaft is 8mm and designed to work with standard thread/size 5/16 axle lock nuts and 8mm wheel bearings. Matched up with Randal-style baseplates - which we've completely overhauled - upgraded with super-strong aircraft grade AN bolt kingpins, custom premium grade bushings (Riptide or Reflex) and washer hardware. Sold individually for front or rear - for a complete skateboard - order one of each. 

    Available set-up options:
    • 50 degree baseplate with spherical pivot for front turny truck
    • 35 degree baseplate with spherical pivot for rear stable truck.
    Single 2X Truck Includes:

    • One gold anodized finish reversable hanger
    • One silver (or black as available) finish (50d or 35d) baseplate with spherical bearing pivot modification
    • Kingpin - aircraft grade steel bolt
    • Spherical bearing (installed in hanger)
    • One pair .25" screw-in coarse thread 8mm axles installed
    • Axle spacers (for customized wheel spacing)
    • Custom premium grade bushing combo installed

    Comes with premium grade bushing combos customized for rider weight and noted discipline - please specify intended discipline when ordering.

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