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SK8KINGS Racing Team
SK8KINGS Freestyle Team
SK8KINGS Distance Endurance X-Country (DEX)  Team

Richy Carrasco
Lynn Kramer
Joe McLaren
Adam Schwippert
Martin Reaves
Jason Yerke
Joseph Kyle Smith
Henry Hester
Keith Hollien

Judi Oyama
Justin Collins
Brad Jackman
John Stryker
Scott Hostert
Brent Kosick
Gabe Duquet
Dan Duquet
Oshean Lehrmann
Orion Lehrmann
Kyle McLaren
Isaak Brickner
Marty Schaub
Mike Ohm
Marcus Rietema
Chris Yandall
Rene' Carrasco
David Carrasco

Richy Carrasco
Primo Desiderio
Diane Desiderio
Gary Holl
Keith Butterfield
Frank Lee

John Prather

Rene' Carrasco
David Carrasco

Marcus Rietema

Richy Carrasco
Chris Yandall
Rene' Carrasco

Friends of Sk8Kings
Janis Kuzmins
Kilian Martin
Ryan Ricker
Jon Bunn
Christian Opperman
Kirby Cox
John Pope

Andre Walton

Dan Garb

Jordan Huotari

The Sk8Kings Skateboard Team

-- From Today's Legends to Tomorrow's Heros --


Check out the Team pages for a closer look at each rider and don't miss the GALLERY section for more pics and video of the SK8KINGS in action!

SK8KINGS AXE Army -- Legions Worldwide

SK8KINGS AXE Army -- A very special part of our SK8KINGS family with members all over the world. If you ride an AXE you are in the AXE Army!

Want to join? There is always room for you!



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